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The defeat of the attempt to repeal the Teacher's Oath Bill, which was consummated yesterday in the House of Representatives by a 133 to 88 vote, marks but the first step in a long fight. Far from discouraged by this preliminary setback, the intelligent body of teachers, lawyers, doctors and men in all walks of life who have bitterly opposed this fascist law from its inception, are prepared to renew the struggle and carry on their efforts as long as need be.

Frankly it looks as if many months would be required to combat the forces behind the bill. These forces are numerous, powerful and utterly unscrupulous. First comes Representative Dorgan, father of many eye-catching, hollow and communist-baiting bits of worthless legislation. Mr. Dorgan's forte lies in bills to purify the theatre (especially Shakespeare), keep our American youth unsullied from the myriad wiles and snares of Moscow, and prevent the Red universities of Massachusetts from completely seducing the young.

As a fitting supporter of Dorgan one finds the Hearst press. Professional or dollar patriotism lends itself admirably to the support of such laws and the Hearst minions are at their best when attacking some respected or renowned man in public life for his lack of red-blooded Americanism. Facts, as usual, have but little say and mudslinging is quicker and more effective.

Lastly arise the "Gimme Groups" such as the American Legion, Van Zandt's "Veterans of Foreign Wars" and the publicity seeking "D. A. R." Mouth-filling, ear-catching, windy phrases reeking with "patriotism", "Americanism", "loyalty", "love of your country" and the rest; meaning nothing, with no single breath of sincerity in them, with but one thought in mind and that material gain, either in the medium of cash or power through votes, are the tricks of the trade to these groups. The breath of their life is to support dollar patriots and to receive in return the support of the unthinking masses who see in the yellow press and who hear over the air the demagoguery and hypocrisy which has for the past twenty years brought the money rolling in. What few remember is that this money also keeps in power the small group of high-pressure salesmen, efficiency experts and publicity agents who control the policies of these so-called "patriotic" groups and who have turned them into the most disgraceful aggregation of self-seeking, self-aggrandizing lobbies known to civilized man.

These are the forces which must be combatted not only in Massachusetts but throughout the whole country. They must be beaten to the earth and the leaders, the Ray Murphys, the James Van Zandt's and the others must be rendered helpless. This work can and must be begun in Massachusetts, through the medium of the Teacher's Oath Bill. To those, who have started this sincere battle, and to those who will continue the good work, go all power and credit.

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