Green Takes His Usual Three Events While All Field Competitions But One to Harvard

In the case of the track team they seem to have the habit of winning so fully ingrained that it just can't be broken. The lopside win of 77 1/2 to 57 1/2 at Dartmouth last Saturday was no exception to the three year rule in all meets except the I.C.4A's.

It's getting rather trite to say that Milt Green starred. His three wins in both barrier races and the broad jump piled his yearly total of points up to a total of 53, which, if it isn't some kind of a record, is at least fairly remarkable.

Everything was run off last Saturday in an orthodox manner with no upsets except possibly Downer's being able only to get a third in the 200-meters dash in which he was led to the tape by Johnson of Dartmouth and Charles Cretzmeyer.

Al Northrop turned in a nice job in winning the 1500-meters and taking second to Hoffstetter, a last minute entry in the 800-meters.

In the field events it was Harvard all the way except for the shotput, which Geniawiez won.