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The Crime



The interest shown in the Gauguin exhibit now at Fogg sets well alongside an incident reported from Dartmouth, which college has been in the throes of its own renaissance for several years now. Whatever Fogg has been to Harvard, the new-era Orozco murals on the walls of Baker Library have been to our northern contemporary, and any novel reaction to them on the part of art lovers makes lively news in Hanover.

Recently two motronly ladies, the pre-season buddings of the crop of summer tourists, made their pilgrimage to the lower regions of Baker to see for themselves the work of the Mexican Leonardo. They walked up and down for some time, looking at the shrieking panorama in silence. Finally one of them folded her hands and stood fascinated in the middle of the room.

"What a gorgeous work," she gasped. "I just love Orozco; he's the artist of our age.

Her companion stood aghast. "Edith, how can you say a thing like that!" she cried. "He's such a Communist!"

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