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Another "Trust"


IN THEIR sitting and winnowing for the truth professors and scholars often disagree for years on end, debating, compromising, and surrendering as integrity of intellect dictates. Politicians disagree and debate, but elections decide issues and while a office, the victors are Doers. President Roosevelt invited professors and scholars to take an active hard in government four years ago. They sitter and winnowed and had to announce the results immediately Shortly after they did, the Republicans howled at the bumbling theories.

On the eve of another national election, the Republicans are announcing their own "brain trust" Republican college professors to show Democratic college professors they are wrong. Heading the new "trust" is Dr. Olin Glenn sazon, professor of business administration at Yale, Harvard Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Olin once a broker at other times a lawyer is quick spoken and business like no dreamer to displace Republican Big Business aligned against the Administration.

Dr. Saxon of Yale was a democrat until 1933. Harvard he studies under Dr. Felix Frankfurter and main inspiration of the Democratic "brain trust" Yaleman Saxon's committee of nine assistants analyzing the New Deal "to expose its fallacies."

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