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The Crime


"When does Harvard begin?"

This relevant question completely disabled the facilities of University Hall a short time ago, simply because it came from Honolulu and demanded a reply collect.

The Information Office snapped to the job instantly and sent a cable to Western Union. Western Union was awfully sorry but cables weren't sent collect. Undaunted, the Office next approached the Admissions office and requested authority to charge it on the incoming Freshman's term bill--for he was skeptical; they were sure they had no right to permit the Information Office to lose its head and would have none of it. The Dean's Office then had their turn. Unfortunately it could find no precedent for such an action and the Administration Board which solves similar emergencies was vacationing.

It began to look as if the poor Hawaiian might just as well throw himself off the Pali as far as a Harvard education was concerned when Western Union had a fit of contrition and consented to cable "September 20" for $3.50 collect.

Another Freshman story has filled us with delight. This concerns the father, who brought his son to Cambridge a few days ago, and a dean. It seems that the father had prepared a whole list of things which he must accomplish before he could leave Tommy, to strike out for himself. Everything progressed splendidly as he checked up on the Cambridge moral weakness, its religious facilities, and its influences. Even the appointment with the dean, the next to last item on his list, passed off without a hitch. "Now, this father said, as he rose to leave, "I've only got one more thing to do, I've got to go to Wolff's."

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