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The best organized riot in the history of all riots failed to materialize last night after nearly one thousand men had milled into Massachusetts Avenue out of the Yard and Houses.

Starting on the dot at 10:30 as if by prearranged schedule with bonfires in the Yard, it gathered momentum rapidly. Before the Yard proctors could get to work, growing masses of Freshmen had slipped outside the Yard and were loose in the Square.

Apted and his cohorts arrived on the scene by 10:50 o'clock and started their job of picking up Bursar's cards. Shortly afterwards four police cars from Cambridge headquarters appeared, and a few minutes later the "Black Maria" was met with cheers.

Action started by a fire in front of Weld Hall. While Apted's men were rushing to extinguish this blaze, a second fire appeared in front of Hollis Hall. Police following the migration of the crowds to the new point of excitement, arrived there only to find that the rioters had produced a third fire just as the second was succumbing to Apted fury.

A gush of water from a Massachusetts Hall window brought the gendarmes hotfoot upstairs to add some more names to their lists.

Meanwhile the trouble had extended beyond the Yard. House members and general populace had swelled the crowd to about one thousand. Innocents suffered with the guilty as several youthful proctors were forced to "move along" at the instigation of the minions of the laws.

Attempts to take pictures with flashlight bulbs were met with stern opposition from the proctors for fear that they would excite the crowd further.

One Freshman who claimed that he was without his card upon questioning was summarily searched by the Aptedmen, who succeeded in finding the ducat upon him. Another who failed to have his card was searched without success. When the Yard policeman thereupon claimed that he would remember his face, the Freshman made an atrocious face and left the scene with rapidity.

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