Recommendation Made for University to Combine Scholarship and Jobs for Eight Hours Only

"On the whole, the Committee feels that the TSEP (Temporary Student Employment Plan) is extraordinarily successful. . ." Such is the tenor of the Student Council's report on the employment situation as it now stands.

This report was submitted to University Hall yesterday by a subcommittee of the Council composed of John B. Bowditch '37, and Raymond Dennett '36, (co-chairmen), Arthur A. Ballantine, Jr. '36, Robert C. Hall '36, Henry V. Poor '36, Thomas H. Quinn '36, and Le Moyen White '36.

120 Questionnaires

The committee received answers from 120 questionnaires out of 190 sent to men employed under the plan. In general the results showed that both the students and the University officials employing them, thought that the plan was fair and mutually beneficial.

Certain minor complaints were received but there is evidently no general defect in the system as it now functions. Strong recommendations are made however, that the University combine the granting of scholarships and aids with its distribution of jobs in such manner that the employment complements the aids given.


One Central Agenecy

To effect such correlation, all jobs should be under the control of one central committee with a "veto power over any jobs assigned".

There is also recommendation made that students having laboratory be given hours of employment which would not interfere with their afternoon work and also that jobs be given out for only eight or nine hours a week.

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