Committee on Research in the Social Sciences, in Operation Since 1932, Receives Awards

Grants totaling $37,381 for thirty-one investigations of social and economic subjects by faculty members have been made possible by a gift of the Rockefeller Foundation to the Committee on Research in the Social Sciences.

The grants announced are:

The Development of Modern Social and Economic Institutions: Edwin F. Gay, History of the Industrial Revolution in England and its Diffusion; Gerald S. Graham, British North America within the Navigation System, 1783-1820; Wilbur K. Jordan, The Development of Religious Toleration in England; Robert K. Lamb, The Economic Development of Fall River from 1813 to the Present Day; William L. Langer, The Social and Intellectual Aspects of European History, 1832-52; Robert K. Merton, The Inter-relation of Science, Technology and Society in 17th Century England; and Abbott P. Usher, The Early History of Banking, 1300-1700.

Political Institutional Development: Wilbur C. Abbott, The Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell; Paul R. Doolin, The Constitutional Conflict in France in the 17th and 18th Centuries; Donald C. McKay, A History of the Third French Republic, 1871-1914; Charles H. Taylor, Representative Practices in 13th Century France; and Benjamin F. Wright, Jr., Judicial Review of Legislation by the Supreme Court.

The Development of Governmental Control over Social and Economic Affairs in the United States: (a) The Formation of Public Opinion, Gordon W. Allport and Associates, The Study of Public Opinion; and E. Pendleton Herring, Political Issues and Political Parties; (b) The Analysis of Contemporary Government Agencies, John D. Black, The New England Dairy Situation; John D. Black and Seymour E. Harris, The Farm Credit Administration; and Miller McClintock, Organization of State Motor Vehicle Departments, and American Police Methods in the Reduction of Traffic Accidents and Congestion; (c) Evaluation of the Economic Bases of Control, John D. Black, Production Economics: With Attention to the Problem of Agricultural Control of Production.


The Structure of the Present Social and Economic Order; John MacI. Cassels, An Economic Analysis of Milk Marketing and Prices; Elizabeth W. Gilbey, Statistics of Consumption; Robert A. Gordon, A Case Study of Enterprise and Profits in the Modern Corporation; Wassily W. Leontief, Inter-relationship of American Industries in 1929; Edward S. Mason and Associates, The Trust Problem and Policy; Talcott Parsons, Informal Institutional Control in the Medical Profession, and Comparative Study of the Leading Professions in the U.S. and Europe; and Carle C. Zimmerman, The Community during the Depression.

Economic and Social Fluctuations: Edwin Frickey, A Survey of Time Series Analysis and its Relation to Economic Theory; Joseph A. Schumpeter, The Analysis of Monetary Time Series in Relation to the Process of Investment; and Pitirim A. Sorokin, Social Dynamics.

Examination of Theoretical Method in Economics: Joseph A. Schumpeter. The Theoretical Apparatus of Economics.