Open Letter to University Stresses the Incongruity of Littauer School Minus City Planning

One last protest before their complete disappearance was made by the students of the School of Regional Planning last night in an open letter to the University at large. The letter stressed the incongruity of continuing to attempt to build up a course in Public Service Training under the Littauer endowment after taking away an essential element in such a course by discontinuing physical planning training.

The letter follows:

"We, the students in the Harvard School of Regional Planning, feel that the academic year should not be allowed to come to a close without some public expression of the fact that the University is now engaged in building up, from a large endowment, a course in Public Service Training, and has, in the very midst of this process, destroyed the foundation stone of the whole structure, physical planning.

Discontinuance of the School of Regional Planning is an unmistaklable blow to Harvard's hopes and plans of achievement in the Increasingly important field of government service. We feel very strongly that the University has failed to realize the fundamental interrelation of the physical, social, and economic aspects of government.

Draveauz Bender 3S.C.P


John Worthington Hyde 3S.C.P.

Oscar Suthermelster 2S.C.P.