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(In the order in which they were given)


WILLIAM EDWIN HALL: MASTER OF ARTS, of New York City, lawyer and corporation official. "A citizen who has enriched his country by ardently promoting a better life for the underprivileged boy."

THOMAS SOVEREIGN GATES: DOCTOR OF LAWS, of Philadelphia, President of the University of Pennsylvania since 1930. "An eminent business executive who heeded the call of his alma mater and placed his talents at the disposal of the learned world."

SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON '08: DOCTOR OF LETTERS, of Boston, professor of History and official historian of Harvard University. "A gifted writer of history, a scholarly interpreter of our past who justly evaluates those liberal principles which must guide our future."

ELMER DREW MERRILL: DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, of Cambridge, professor of Botany and administrator of Botanical Collections, and acting supervisor of the Arnold Arboretum, and the Atkins Institute of the Arnold Arboretum at Soledad, Cuba. "A botanist famed for his investigations of the flora of the Philippines, and an administrator marked by his effectiveness in many posts."

ISAIAH BOWMAN '05: DOCTOR OF LAWS, of Baltimore, Maryland, President of Johns Hopkins University. "A distinguished geographer who maps with a bold and steady hand the future of an illustrious university."

FRANK BALDWIN JEWETT: DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, of New York City, electrical engineer, President of the Bell Telephone Laboratories since 1925. "The creator of a famous laboratory whence came miracles of modern telephony, an engineer who points the way for industry to follow."

ROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS: DOCTOR OF LAWS, of Chicago, President of the University of Chicago since 1929. "A daring educational administrator whose keen weapons from the armory of the past out deep into the academic complacency of the present."

HENRY KNOX SHERRILL: DOCTOR OF DIVINITY, of Boston, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Massachusetts since 1930. "A modern bishop of that ancient church our dissenting founders sought to change, a beloved leader of his faith, a wise counsellor to those of many creeds."

FREDERICK ROBERTSON GRIFFIN: DOCTOR OF DIVINITY, of Philadelphia, pastor of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia since 1927. "A pastor and preacher of distinction, a worthy representative of the long line of spiritual leaders who have been the fruit of the Puritans' concern for a learned ministry."

GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: DOCTOR OF LETTERS, of Cambridge, England, Regins Professor of Modern History at Cambridge University since 1927. "An English historian whose wise reinterpretation of the family history delights and instructs the Anglo-Saxon cousins on this side of the Atlantic."

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