First Class of Harvard's Fourth Century Will Have 1050 Members---Many Returning for Tercentenary

Members of 1940 Will Register in Union--Yard Rooms Will Be Opened

More than one-third of the members of the new Freshman Class have signified their intention of returning to the Tercentenary Celebration on September 16, 17, and 18. Special plans for the Class of 1940 are being made and complete living accommodations will be supplied in the Harvard Yard.


Dean Leighton, foster parent to all Yardlings, will set up a registration booth at the Union on Quincy Street and room assignments will be made there. Meals will be served in that building and tickets, instructions, etc., can be obtained there.

The Undergraduate Tercentenary Committee, headed by Thomas H. Quinn '36, and John B. Bowditch '37, is working overtime making arrangements for the undergraduate celebration.


The program opens at 4 o'clock on Wednesday, September 16, with a reception for undergraduate delegates at Eliot House. Bowditch will open the meeting with a short address of welcome and will then introduce Dean Hanford who will make a speech as the official representative of the College. Mr. H. R. X. d'Aeth, official undergraduate representative from Cambridge University, England, will reply to this. John M. Potter, Senior Tutor of Eliot House, will then talk as a representative of that House, being followed by W. A. Carlile, Jr., of Princeton University. The meeting will be closed by the presentation of medals to all delegates.

Harvard Clubs Meeting

On the following day all undergraduates are invited to attend the meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs in the new Tercentenary Theatre. This opens at 10 o'clock. The program is as follows:

Assembly--10.30 A.M.

Invocation by Minot Simons, '91.

Presentation of greetings to the University from all Harvard Clubs, together with a history of each club and a roster of its present members. These manuscripts will be presented by each regional vice-president for the clubs in his division, the delegates of such clubs to participate in the exercises. The President of the Associated Harvard Clubs, Elliott C. Cutler, '09, will then present all of the greetings to the President of the University.

Address by the President of the University, including a report of the contents of the package sealed in 1836 by President Josiah Quincy (to be opened at a pro forma meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association in the Faculty Room, University Hall, on Tuesday, September 8), and the sealing of a new package to be opened by the President of Harvard University in 2036.


Addresses by undergraduates:--

Rendings T. Fels, '39, of Cincinnati, Ohio: "Freshmen in the Yard."