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Harvard's graduates, returning for the Tercentenary celebrations this week make a list of prominent names that rivals that of the world's great professors gathered here.

Henry M. Rogers '62 heads the list. He is 98 years old and the oldest living graduate. Others include John V. Apthorp '65; Bishop William Lawrence '71; Judge Robert Grant '73, a well known writer; Dr. Charles F. Thwing '76, former president of Western Reserve University; James Byrne '77, former member of the Corporation; Lucius N. Littauer '78 who gave the money for the school of public administration; Owen Wister '82.

Frederick A. Delano '85; Charles Francis Adams '88, former Secretary of the Navy; Robert F. Herrick '90; Thomas W. Lamont '92, who has endowed one of President Conant's roving professorships; W. Cameron Forbes '92, former ambassador to Japan; Dr. Engene H. Pool '95; Philip Stockton '96, president of the First National Bank in Boston; Joseph H. Choate, Jr. '97; Francis M. Weld '97, president of the Harvard Club of New York; George F. Baker '99; Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. '00; Dwight F. Davis '00, donor of the Davis Cup.

Senator Robert J. Buckley '02 of Ohio; Joseph C. Grew '02, ambassador to Japan; Arthur A. Ballantine '04, former Undersecretary of the Treasury; Congressman Chester C. Bolton '05 of Ohio; Ogden L. Mills '05, former Secretary of the Treasury; Walter S. Gifford '05, president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company; Winthrop W. Aldrich '07, chairman of the Chase National Bank; Congressman Robert L. Bacon '07.

Theodore Roosevelt '09; Clarence C. Little '10, former president of the University of Michigan; Brigadier-General Newall C. Bolton '12 of Ohio; Congressman Richard B. Wigglesworth '12, of Massachusetts; Julius S. Morgan '14; W. Tudor Gardiner '14, former Governor of Maine; T. Jefferson Coolidge, 3rd '14, former Undersecretary of the Treasury; James P. Warburg '17.

Jerome D. Greene '96 was explaining to Aldrich Durant '02 the significance of the golden lions on top of the flagpoles. He said they were the insignia of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where John Harvard went and were therefore appropriate. Just then a passer-by was heard to remark, "Oh, look, they bought their flagpoles at S. S. Pierce."

Patrick Henry, Professor of Science, was awarded a degree last Monday by President Conant. He and all the officials were practicing for the ceremony Friday in the Tercentenary Theatre. After a flowery introduction, Patrick Henry and other prominent scholars were awarded honorary degrees.

Harvard Square's traffic regulations must have been made an interesting study of nearly 100 picked officers from police departments of 14 states and 35 cities and towns in the East and Midwest, who spent an intensive two weeks course at the University. It was entitled the New England Officers' Training School.

A printed greeting to be given to the delegates for the Universities of Paris, Oxford, and Cambridge had to be designed. It was tried out on three different grades of paper, but parchment was finally chosen. Only four copies were printed, but the work required was almost as much as if a few hundred had been printed.

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