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Lloyd Mills Starts College on Way Towards Quadricentennial; Was Rushing to Exam


Only 939 Freshman registered at Memorial Hall yesterday, thus making the Class of 1940 one of the smallest that has entered Harvard in recent years. Sixty-six transfer students brought the total up to 1005 new men, but this was short of the 1081 admitted. It is expected that about 70 additional Yardlings will register tomorrow.

Harvard's fourth century officially opened yesterday with a 17-year-old Freshman rushing away from Memorial Hall to take an examination for exemption from English A.

Lloyd Mills, Jr. '40 of Los Angeles, California, was the first Freshman to register as the College began the long period of waiting for the Quadricentennial.

Presented with a free subscription to the CRIMSON and congratulated on having the honor of opening the new century, Mills said, "Thank you very much; I'm in a hurry to take an examination."

Mills attended the Harvard School a military and Episcopal academy, in Los Angeles last year. His father graduated from the Medical School in 1902 and is now a practicing physician.

Mem Hall Notes

One of the monitors termed the Yardlings a "brilliant group"; fewer stupid questions being asked than usual by confused novitiates.

All monitorial activity ceased and a frantic conference was held to determine the nationality of a man from the Philippines. Nobody was sure what the University expected after the entry blank: "Date of admission to Harvard College."

A considerable group of parents saw that their sons field out the cards properly, a customary procedure.

Richard Pheasant of Winthrop was the last man to register.

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