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A most welcome addition to the faculty of Harvard's Graduate School of Design is that of Walter Gropius to the Department of Architecture. Professor Gropius comes to Harvard from a private practice in London; his work during his four years there, and five years of practice in Berlin are the best proof of his prowess as an exponent of modern technique. As well as being a foremost "practical" architect, his theories of architectural design, eyed askance by traditionalists when he first advanced them, are now regarded as probably the most influential in the field of modern architecture.

Ten years of teaching in Europe at the Grand Ducal School, during which time he applied his own ideas of instruction to his students, have given him all the background and experience that could possibly be deemed necessary along these lines. There he stressed the practical approach to architecture; this emphasis, and also his theory that architecture should be studied as a social science, and not merely an aesthetic art, indicate that Mr. Gropius thoroughly understands the modern spirit, which demands utility and comfort in its buildings as well as beauty. He was among the first to realize the growing importance of the part industry was to play in his art.

The presence of Professor Gropius at Harvard will, in the opinion of those who know his work and personality, make the School of Design a mecca for the best architectural talent in the country. It is believed by observers that his influence in every way will be felt strongly and at once, and that that influence will be an entirely beneficial one for the School and the University. His appointment is indeed a fortunate one, and Dean Hudnut is to be congratulated on his success in securing him.

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