19 Of Recipients Are From School Of Education And One From School Of Engineering

Scholarships totaling $5,900 have been awarded to 20 students in the Graduate Schools as follows:

(In the School of Education) to Gayle B. Childs, Wayne, Nobraska; Barbara K. Colt, Clearwater, Florida; Walter L. Deemer, Jr., Quakertown, Pennsylvania; James A. Dickinson, Dayton, Ohio; Edward V. Malcom, Cambridge; Elizabeth Rempfer, Parkston, South Dakota; Joseph H. Young, Terre Haute, Indiana; and Leo Lieberman, Woburn.

(To candidates for the degree of M.A. in Teaching) to Richard M. Clark, Molrose; Roderick H. Cox, Birmingham, Michigan; Herbert A. Crosman, Lishon Falls, Maine; Williams Donually, Los Angeles, California; David A. Grodberg, Worcester; George Keoler, New Rochlle, New York; Francis N. Magliozzi, Somerville; Walter J. Nickerson, Jr., West Chester, Pennsylvania; Everett H. Perkins, Bantam, Connecticut; Raymond J. Perry, Malden; and George B. Simon, Newton Centre.

(In the School of Engineering) to Glen R. Butterfield, Seattle, Washington.