Arguments Summed Up For And Against Renewing Agreement With American Student Union

Facing the expiration of its year and a half old charter of affiliation with the American Student Union, the Harvard S. U. will hold its second general meeting of the year tonight to determine whether or not to renew that charter.

Louis LeF. Sutro '38, president, has called all members to the meeting at 7:45 o'clock in Phillips Brooks House.

Summing up the cases for and against affiliation Sutro, in a flier distributed Monday, says:

"To the supporters of affiliation, the American Student Union is a means of carrying out on a national scale programs for peace, education, academic freedom, and the like which we alone can do nor more than support locally.

"To the opponents of affiliation, the American Student Union is a dictator of the policies of its chapters and a waste of the half of our annual dues which we send it.

"The supporters say this money is used in carrying out our own policies. The opponents reply that the policies can hardly be called ours since we had little to do with designing them . . ."