Solo Dashes by Wing Feature 4-2 Win In League Game Here; Dartmouth Yardlings 2-0 in Second Tilt

Struggling through 88 minutes of blood and thunder, the Crimson and Green Varsity soccer teams wound up with the home forces on the long end of a 4-2 score here yesterday, while the Hanover Freshmen measured their Cambridge rivals to a 2-0 fitting.

For once the local Varsity proved able to capitalize on its scoring breaks. Playing like babies with a ball through the first theree periods, Captain Powell's men held a 2-2 position in the early minutes of the fourth quarter due to two startling dashes by Jo Johansen. The speedy wing twice outraced the Green fullbacks in the first period, once to tally himself and once to send a scoring pass to Arthur Page.

Drive in Final Frame

Then in the final quarter, the Crimson picked up its heels. Showing the best stuff they have ever displayed as a group the forward line of Howie Mendel, Arthur Page, Frank Harnden, Tom Motley and Johansen went to town. Mendel opened up the defense with long passes down wind. Harnden repeatedly stole the ball in the Green field to set up plays. Johansen put on added bursts of speed and twice more beat the Green goalie.

Outstanding for the winners was Goose Gosline, who was on the spot at critical moments in his first Varsity appearance.

Other star for the Crimson was Put Williams who turned in another of his brilliant series of saves in goal.

The Freshman game was evenly played on both sides, except that Dartmouth scored and Harvard did not. Acting Captain John Davidge stood out defensively for the Crimson at fullback.