Winthrop, Adams Fight to Scoreless Tie is Other House Football Game Yesterday.

Leverett's hard-hitting football team provided the outstanding upset of the House football league when it defeated the Lowell eleven 6-0 on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. The victory put the Rabbits in possession of second-place in the standing.

Culminating a 70-yard march, "Bird" Tenney, Leverett left end, made a spectacular catch of a pass on the oneyard stripe, and fullback Bill Spang plunged over for the score.

The other House football clash saw a 0-0 tie between the Winthrop and Adams elevens. The closest to a score came in the last minutes of the first half when Winthrop's quarterback, "Little Joe" Hindle intercepted a pass on his own 40 yard line and ran over 25 yards before being forced out of bounds.

Lowell House scored a 6-2 win over Kirkland House in touch football. The Bellboys started Dampeer, Geraghty, Shirk, Sides, Brown, Doering, while Ruml, Heckel, Baggerly, Grinas, Marks, Barker, saw first team service for the Deacons. Dudley won a 1-0 default victory over Dunster House.