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Now that it has reached the end of the athletes and Freshmen, the physical examination department of the Hygiene Building is ready to go to work on upperclassmen and graduate students. Beginning Monday and continuing over a two-week period, the doctors who were specially imported for the early fall rush, will remain in attendance to do this work.

Many upperclassmen and graduate students have taken advantage annually of the opportunity to have a physical examination, at no extra cost beyond their regular health fee. The Hygiene Department hopes that they will do the same this year. At the same time it goes without saying that the student should not wait until the approach of pneumonia in the winter or the insurance man in the spring.

Aside from the point of letting the College know who has a weak constitution as early as possible, men should act now because the special doctors are in attendance now. Later in the season, he who applies, while quite within his rights in so doing, will be wasting everyone's time when he takes a doctor away from other work which should have first call.

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