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Estate List Filed for Probate in New York; University Officials Have Not Received Notice


Ogden L. Mills '04, former Secretary of the Treasury, left a bequest of $200,000 to Harvard College, according to the terms of his will made public yesterday evening. No University officials could be reached last night for comment, who had heard of the provision of Mills' will, while one explained that often the terms of the will were made public before the beneficiaries were notified.

Other Gifts

The will itself, according to the Associated Press, contained only the convential estate value of "over $10,000" and the counsel for the estate declined to estimate the total amount. Exercising the power of appointment left by his father, Ogden Mills Sr., Mr. Mills, bequeathed, besides the $200,000 gift to Harvard, a similar sum to the New York home for Incurables; $100,000 to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and $25,000 to the Charity Organization Society of New York.

Was Law Grad

The document was dated August 6, 1935, and stipulated that the residuary income from the estate was to go to his widow, Mrs. Dorothy Randolph Mills, with the exception of bequests to Mrs. George R. Burgess, and George W. Sands both of whom were wards of Mr. Mills. In addition life annuities yielding from $1250 to $12500 were left his servants and personal employees.

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