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Saturday afternoon's 54-0 debacle proved one thing conclusively: namely that Springfield was "outclassed." Attempts to show what it proved beyond that bring one into the filmy realm of conjecture where about anything goes.

Dick Harlow said that he was satisfied, but from the point of view of the score, it is hard to see how he could be anything else. He also said that everyone on the Harvard team did a good job, and again he was right. Whether he will be satisfied after the Navy game and whether he will think that everyone did so well, is another question. While he may, it seems safe to say that the Springfield game just didn't show.

Wide Open Game?

It does appear, however, that the wide open game on which Dick Harlow's Maryland reputation was supposed to have been built and which football followers have been waiting patiently to see introduced to Stadium crowds will make its appearance this season. With Art Oakes to hurl passes and Vernon Struck to fake and to bewilder the opposing backfields once he's shaken into the open Harlow has apparently the stuff to start a really tricky offense.

In that offense he will be aided by Frank Foley, who showed that he was a good runner in his own right and that he will fill Stuart's place satisfactorily if not spectacularly, by Chief Boston who was blocking Springfield Maroons all over the field and by a couple of good running guards, identity not yet clearly revealed.

Wilson earned Harlow's acclamation for his first work at center for a couple of years. Russ Allen, he said, is ready to go next week, was in fact ready to play Saturday, but was held out for safety's sake.

Involved Play Scores First

Harvard's first score was a thing of beauty coming at the end of a lateral to Green at the end of a pass to Daughters at the end of a reverse to Oakes at he end of Struck's getting the ball from center.

The other scores came at the ends of 78-yard, 60-yard, 87-yard, 40-yard, 25-yard, and 25-yard sustained drives, and if these drives can be continued against other teams, there will be nothing more to be asked for.

According to Dick Harlow it was a better opening game performance than his last two, his boys charging and tackling harder, and he at least, is sufficiently pleased, and he's the doctor.

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