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Declaring war on Square panhandlers, Phillips Brooks House has appointed a special committee to investigate the problem of bumming, it was revealed last night. The committee consists of Schafer Williams, new personnel man, and Calvin Stillman '39, chairman of the library committee of the House.

Williams and Stillman contacted Cambridge police chief Timothy Leahy over the weekend, and although he agreed that the subject was a good field for investigation, he referred the matter to Colonel Charles R. Apted, '06, Superintendent of Caro-takers. The latter was also all for the idea but turned the job back to chief Leahy, in whose dominions panhandlers fall.

Actually faced with problem, Chief Leahy put his department to work on clearing the Square of bums. He reiterated Apted's demand that while the subject is being treated, students should under no conditions give money to strangers.

Leahy mentioned the two particular species of bums who, he figures are the most persistent trouble-makers. The first type he said, are the professional ones, natives of Cambridge. But the second type, the out-of-town part-timers, give most annoyance, he said. "They come mostly from Brighton and Brookline, and they come to Cambridge because Harvard is easy-pickings," he stated.

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