New Alumni Directory Will Go Into Circulation Today

First Since '34 Has Geographical as Well as Alphabetical Listings

A new register of Harvard alumni, giving the names, addresses, occupations, and college records of 71,757 former students now seattered through 84 countries was published by the University today.

Canada, China, England and France lead in numbers of Harvard alumni resident abroad. In this country, Massachusetts, New York and California have the most Harvard alumni.

Feature of the new volume is a separate listing of the alumni according to their present country, state, and city addresses. The last such geographical index was prepared eight years ago.

The first Alumni Directory in three years, this is the largest ever issued by the University, requiring over 1,500 closely printed pages. It has been six months in preparation, under the direction of David W. Bailey '21, Publication Agent.

Since 1934, when the Directory listed 66,248 names, the ranks of living Harvard men have been incressed by over 5,000 members. The increase is accounted for largely by a growth from 29,880 to 31,503 in the alumni of Harvard College since 1934; an increase from 14,282 to 16,659 in former Law School students; and from 6,602 to 7,808 in Business School alumni.


At present the alumni include 71,205 men and 552 women degree holders. A total of 4,081 of these,--4,068 men and 13 women,--are "lost," their whereabouts unknown to Harvard. As has been customary the men and women alumni are listed separately.

In the cases of recent students who lived in the new Harvard House Plan units, the Directory lists the alumnus's House connection as well as his class in College.

One-twentieth of the Harvard alumni live outside the United States, the register shows. A total of 3,006 live in 83 foreign countries, and 256 live in U. S. territories and possessions.

In the geographical listing, the classes and occupations of the alumni are recorded briefly for reference purposes