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Southerners Boast Triple Threat In One, Teeney Lafferdy, Who Does Everything


Davidson undergraduates refer to their football team as the "Wildcats," and they proudly point to the fact that the eleven lives up to this name. Johnny Wood, who scouted down in North Carolina last Saturday for the Crimson Varsity, agrees that the Southerners are certainly a scrappy looking bunch and he has warned Harlow to prepare for a real battle.

Just how powerful a group will cross the Mason and Dixon line for the Stadium invasion is hard to say, since they have no opponents in common with Harvard. By the few roundabout comparisons that can be made, they appear to be definitely weaker than the Crimson, but equally definitely not the set-up Virginia was last year. Davidson lost to V.M.I. 0-7, and the Army beat V.M.I. 20-7 without looking very superior at any time. A more impressive comparison starts with their 2-6 defeat at the hands of North Carolina State, a team which later defeated Boston College 12-7.

Lafferdy's Mileage

The "Wildcats" boast a triple threat, one "Teeny" Lafferdy. "Teeny" romped for 1108 yards against Davidson opponents last year, and would probably be heading for an equally high score again this season if he hadn't been injured in the Duke game on October 2. Since then he has been used primarily for his passing, but it is hoped he will be an able-bodied "Wildent" by this Saturday. Two other outstanding players on this eleven are Purdy at center and Captain Bailey Williams, an end. Williams drops back to punt on the offensive. It is also reported that he is quite a campus figure, hero of the 640 undergraduate males, idol of the dozen coeds.

The team operates from a double wing formation, and lines up on the offensive with the unbalanced line carried to its logical conclusion. Only one man flanks the short side of center, with five chargers on the strong side. They employ little razzle-dazzle tactics, relying chiefly on straight running plays and "Wildcat" determination.

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