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By John J. Reidy jr.

Injuries still dominated the scene on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon as the teams ran through signal drills in preparation for a not-too-tough game with Davidson on Saturday.

Because of the injury situation Chuck Klein was at right guard, Fred Jerome blocking back, Art Oakes and Frank Foley at the wing and tailback positions respectively, and Ralph Pope at bucking back.

On the B team the backfield showed a quartet composed of Chief Boston, Bob Stuart, Ben Smith, and Vernon Struck. Stuart was throwing passes with his old abandon and looked as fit as ever. If he were able to get into the Yale game for any appreciable amount, he would be sure to furnish the spark and drive that is supposed to be the reason for the team's bogging down when they reach the pay distance.

George Roberts was excused for a cold. Torbert Macdonald did not appear yesterday but will be back tomorrow and it is expected that he will be fit for anything.

Harding, Burnett, and Allen were all dressed and on the field. This is the first time that Allen has dressed in football togs since the Princeton game.

Green, out of the Davidson game, was not on the field. There will be no definite medical report on his condition until later in the week. Harding and Burnett are also out of the Davidson game.

Work yesterday was mainly against Davidson plays. Practice was also started on the offense to be used against Yale. As yet there has been no defense against Yale plays, but the Junior Varsity team which is to put the plays on is being organized. Practice will start against the Yale plays next Monday.

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