Business Manager to Give Statement Next Week on Problems Brought Out At Meeting Yesterday

Chosen as bargaining agents for the kitchen force, bus boys, and waitresses of the seven House dining halls, representatives of the A. F. of L. yesterday met with Aldrich Durant '02, Business Manager of the University, and Roy L. Westcott, Manager of University Dining Halls, to discuss possible wage rises and union recognition.

Present Plan Next Week

At the end of the meeting it had been decided that Durant should take the matter under advisement in order to present a concrete plan Monday or Tuesday.

To the press the Business Manager issued the following statement:

"It is and will continue to be the policy of the University Administration to discuss with any of its employees, either singly or in groups, or with such representatives as they may choose, working conditions and wages affecting them.

Collective Bargaining Asked

"In the case of the dining balls many of the employees have asked for such a conference, and conferences have been initiated but no conclusions have yet been reached."

At the close of the negotiations Joseph Stefani, representing the employees, of whom 15 or 20 had appeared at the conference, appeared quite satisfied. He declared that Durant told him that he "would do the best he could."

Wages, Lounge Debated

Problems discussed included an increase over the present wage scale for waitresses, a lounge for the bus boys for the 2:30 to 5:15 o'clock free period, and recognition of the union for all bargaining purposes.

Prior to yesterday's negotiations the unionizing drive had proceeded for several weeks. Organizers claim that almost the entire kitchen force is organized with Local 186 of the "Cooks and Pastry Cooks Association," and that approximately 75 percent of the waitresses and 100 percent of the bus boys have been incorporated into this union as an auxiliary.