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Letter To Be Handed Each By Bob Whitman, Varsity Manager In Coaches Room


The day of the Harvard-Yale game, the day when the outcome of months of con-centrated, preparation will be decided in 60 minutes of controlled warfare. Everyone from a steelstands ticket holder to the 22 starting players are at a high nervous tension, a tension which will map with the closing whistle.

But for four actors in one of the oc-occasions most dramatic sideshows, this tension will not be relaxed until all the players are out of the locker-rooms and on their way to break training. They are the Sophomore managerial candidates.


Not until the last towel of the last squad member out of the showers is picked up is their competition at an official close. All through the customary locker-room scene of jubilation or dejection they will be seen scurrying about their duties, still competing. All around them will be an atmosphere of broken discipline, as their zero hour approaches. Finally, Manager Bob Whitman '38, will call them into the Jayvee Coaches room.

Then, if tradition is to be carried forward, he will embark on a long introductory talk. He will tell his jittering audience that the toughest job that faces a Varsity Manager all year is to pick the Sophomore winner, and the choice this year has been exceptionally difficult. He will end by handing out a letter to each of the quartet which will inform them of the outcome of the competition.

Three Positions

There are three positions to be filled by these four candidates. One will be come the Assistant Varsity Manager as a Senior. To the second man will go the post of Assistant Junior Varsity Manager, Junior Varsity Manager as a Senior, while the third man earns the title of Assistant Associate Manager.

The four Sophomores this year are John M. Atherton, John R. Brooke, Frederick Holdsworth, Jr., and Frederick R. H. Witherby.

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