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Goal Posts Totter Before Final Whistle: Cheering Crowds Invade Square


After three years of frustration, victory starved Crimson grid adherents went, wild following Harvard's conquest of the undefeated some of Eli Saturday afternoon, and made the aftermath of this classic struggle one of the wildest and most jubilant celebrations ever.

Even before the final whistle blew the goal posts began to totter and soon yielded under the pressure of a growing throng of rooters. The officials were powerless to stem the tide.

Other joyous spectators poured onto the field and held a snake dance, led by the hand, while red flares, held by cheerleaders, illuminated the scene. Cheering and laughing, the crowd swept ontor of the packed stadium, across the Lars Anderson Bridge, and into the Square. There they tied up traffic for 15 minutes as the band played several selections.

After the break-up a section of the band's brasses led a contingent into the Yard where they serenaded John Harvard with almost reverent thankfulness. They dispersed quietly when warned by their leader not to abuse the privilege of Yard entrance, granted this year for the first time. Although noisy, the throng was more orderly than usual police reported.

The demonstration in the Square was only the beginning of a big evening. After changing their wer, snow covered clothes, victors and vanquished invaded Boston and both shared equally in the general elation as the night wore on. Not a seat was available any place in town after eight o'clock.

Members of the home squad had as smashing break training bangnet at the Rita.

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