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Modern Architecture Is Being Exhibited at Robinson Hall

Modernists will enjoy a visit to the architectural exhibition of housing that is now on display at Robinson Hall.

Athletic Clubs, a General Hospital, several restaurants, a Fire Station, and a public market are some of the subjects for scale models built by students last year.

Fashioned of wood, paper, and ising glass for the most part, the exhibition also includes a modern apartment house of putty and several trees ingeniously designed from a pipe cleaner.

Dominating the display by their size are two Athletic clubs by Phillip E. Joseph G. S. D. and Frederic C. Bouche 1 S. G. D. Eight stores high with a penthouse at the top, the craftsmanship employed in these intricate designs is worthy of high praise.

Stress in all the models seems to be laid on abundant light for the interior, and in straight cubistic line on the outside. A notable exeception to the well-lighted building is the State Prison representation, which has no windows in the cell block, the entrance resembling the approach to a subway.