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When two undergraduates recently hurled charges that the money collected last spring for an ambulance to be sent to Loyalist Spain was gathered under false pretenses, they demanded that a thorough and piercing investigation be made into the whole matter. That investigation has been made, and it has been made through the agency requested by these undergraduates--namely, the Student Council. In a comprehensive report made public last night, the Student Council justified, upheld, and completely absolved Professor Cannon and those who solicited funds for the ambulance of any taint of false pretenses.

In a letter printed in this column, however, the undergraduates, Curtiss and Hart, now refuse to abide by the decision of the referee they themselves suggested to arbitrate the case. Their charge that the President of the Student Council nominated delegates whose opinion was either prejudiced or else influenced by the President's own personal feelings is proven unfounded in view of the fact that those delegates were ratified by the Student Council as a whole, and that, in addition, several of those originally proposed by the President were replaced by other delegates.

It is to be deeply regretted that Hart and Curtiss have seen fit to add to their atack on Professor Cannon this tirade against their chosen arbitrator. Student sentiments are far more inclined to trust the judgment of a body which represents the thought of the College in preference to the fantastic mudslinging of two irreconcilable. The Council, and this in accord with the great majority of the College, has spoken only after a minute examination of the problem. The matter, therefore, is closed. Let it fall to the unknelled tomb it so rightfully deserves.

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