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Congratulations are due the officers of Widener for their quick reaction to and their hearty cooperation with suggestions from the students. Two aspects of the new deal on the third floor are noticeable at once and the third improvement is well started on its way.

The doubling of candle-power in the Reading Room refers to the saying, "by their lights ye shall know them," the "them" being translated as assignments, and more and better work will be done in the brighter library. Equally helpful is the new assistant to be unleashed on the spot when a book is reported "lost". Lots of times a mistake in the application for the book, or a slip in the check-up on books loaned, or a careless mislayal of the book, will be corrected by the new officer before the student can leave Widener in a grumbling mood.

Of more fundamental importance than these improvements is the promised over-haul in the duration-of loans system. There is an absurd contrast between the demand for books at Widener and the length of time it allows them to be borrowed, a month by a student and an indefinite period by an instructor. Hope is high that this old complaint will be satisfied by an administration which showed this week a truly friendly desire to serve.

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