Asks It From British as an "Earnest" of Their Sincerity in Radio Talk in "Guardian" Series

Calling for the offer of a trade treaty to the United States by Great Britain as an "earnest" of her sincerity, William Y. Elliott, professor of Government, in a radio broadcast last night defined the position of "The British Empire in World Politics" as that of maintaining peace at any price.

As chief of the "have" nations, and with most at stake, Britain should make definite overtures to the United States.

In this, the sixth in the Guardian's fall series of radio programs, the Harvard government authority summed up present English diplomacy as one of waiting. waiting, while the Empire grows steadily stronger behind her, and Mussolini and Hitler are wooed by economic arguments behind each other's backs.

The British Empire is foremost in the control of those resources without which the "have note" cannot wage long war. The British Empire can afford to wait, like Mr. Micawber, for "something to turn up" and this despite diplomatic humiliations not suffered since the American Revolution.