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The Crime


One of the foremost sports writers of the day commented recently that the average college student could give the name of the coach of practically any prominent college football team. At the same time he added that he doubted if the names of the presidents of those colleges could be given by more than a fraction of the number of college undergraduates. Some rather conclusive proof to the contrary was given at a recent dinner here in Cambridge at which an uninitiated Harvard undergraduate remarked on the presence of James Farley.

Try as he might, he could not understand what had persuaded the postage stamp magnate to leave Washington just to be an unannounced guest at a primarily Harvard dinner. He remarked this to a friend nearby, feeling rather superior because of his prowess in recognizing the face of one of the higher-ups in the government. The indulgent laugh of the other after looking at the person indicated failed to ruffle him, and he continued to point out Farley to his other neighbors at the table. With similar effect.

A short time later he was interrupted by the voice of the toastmaster. After a long introduction the following words floated across the smoke-filled room: "It is now my privilege to present one whom you all know, none other than Coach Dick Harlow."

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