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Medical School Proves Too Much For Varsity C Squash Team


Defeating Harvard's No. 1 and No. 2 men in close fought games, the Medical Squashmen, Gonzalez and Frothing started the doctors on the way to a 4-1 victory at the Medical School yesterday. The Freshmen, however, led by the consistent winners Freedley and Canavarro, whipped the University Club Whites 4-1 at the University Club, in Boston.

The only Varsity winner, Lawrence Ross, edged his opponent Paddock in close games 3-0. Of the others, Hendrik DeKruif of Harvard lost to Gonzalen 1-3; Robert Shaw to Frothingham 0-3; James English to Hurlburt; and Robert Sides to Erbmann 1-3.

Among the Freshman, Vin Freedley defeated M. Lopez 3-1; Kim Canavarro overcame S. Robinson 3-2; Jim Ronsmaniere beat W. Cobb; Bill Wood set back C. Worthen 3-1, and Charles Whiting lost to A. Richardson 1-3.

The Freshmen squash racksteers have lost to St. Pauls, Varsity, C. and the Medical School. Among its conquered are Newton, Exeter, and Lincoln's Inn.

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