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Lining Them Up


This the second of three articles on the track team as it prepares for the Quadrangular meet Saturday. The third appears tomorrow.

All the different dope sheets for this Quadrangular meet in the Garden on Saturday are starting to appear, and from the different predictions made it is clear that no one has any real idea of who will turn out to be the winner. All four of the competing colleges certainly have at least a good fighting chance to win; and between two of them most of the prognosticators seem to be about spilt.

Cornell is entering the meet as the general favorite; and Coach Moakley has developed a powerful, well balanced squad up at Ithaca. But the Big Red team is in for a real battle against both Dartmouth and Yale; Harvard, unless there is a startling upset, will trail the winner, though Jaakko Mikkola's men might pick up third place. Their principal importance will come in determining how many points they will take away from Cornell and Dartmouth in the running events; Northrop might beat Meadon and Donovan might beat Pender, two events that would toss the Big Red pretty much out of the running.

Despite the fact that Cornell swamped the Elis up at Ithaca, the Yale team is going to be a lot stronger when they come to the Garden for this meet; for the Blue team has a wealth of strength in the field events, and with reasonable luck they should win all four of the events they took at Cornell. That makes 20 points right there, a considerable total in a meet that may be decided with 32 or 33 points. And while Yale piles up points in the field events, Harvard and Dartmouth may very probably so cut into Cornell on the track that the Elis will slip through to win.

Dartmouth is coming to Cambridge with a team that lacks the balance of Cornell or as many probable first place winners as Yale. Their team depends too much on a few individual performers to make a Green victory likely; for Donovan would have to be a double winner, and this is exceedingly improbable, seeing the way that Nicky Kerr and Jim Pender are going in the dash. So that leaves the way open for the Elis, as far as I can see. It is a very difficult meet to dope. The four teams are going to be so close together that a slip on the part of any one of them will throw the meet to someone else. Even Harvard might win, if Northrop take the mile, the two mile relay team wins, and they pick up a few other scattered points. But for better or worse, here goes on the way they look at present:

50 yard dash: Pender (C), Donovan (D), Kerr (Y), Gammons (H).

45 yard hurdles: Donovan (D), Schmidt (H), Watson (D), Neff (C).

One mile run: Meaden (C), Northrop (H), Welch (C), Holderness (Y).

Two mile run: Cornell (C), Woodland (Y), Bassett (C), Marcy (H).

Mile relay: Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale.

Two mile relay: Yale, Cornell, Harvard, Dartmouth.

Pole Vault: Harding (Y), Pettingill (H), tie among Oldach (Y), Cook (H) and Wharton (D).

High jump: tie for first, Badman (Y), Haydock (H). Tie for third, Eldridge (D), Cuffe (D).

Shot Put: Geniawicz (D), Litman (H), Vreeland (C), Johns (Y).

35 pound weight: Castle (Y), Brennan (H), Ballantyne (D), Safford (C).

Broad jump: Ethridge (Y), King (D), Donovan (D), Pender (C).

Total points: Yale 34, Cornell 32, Dartmouth 29, Harvard 24.

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