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ON a Saturday afternoon in 1928 Dana Xenophon Bible of Nebraska and Major Lawrence McCeney (Biff) Jones of Army had a number of things in common. They coached highly respected football teams about to engage each other, they had the same birth date, October 8, and both had served as lieutenants in separate aero squadrons with the A. E. F. The final score was Army 13, Nebraska 3. In 1935 Nebraska's bald-headed grid tutor evened the score. His Cornhuskers trampled Major Jones Sooners of Oklahoma two years in a row.

Now ex-servicemen Bible and Jones are about to have coaching at Nebraska in common. Bible goes to the University of Texas at something like $15,000 a year, leaving behind him tearful farewells and a record of bringing the Huskers six Big-six championships in eight years. An army transfer robbed Oklahoma of Biff Jones's services several months ago. Now he has been lost irrevocably to the Sooners. He has resigned his commission in the U. S. A. to become Nebraska's new coach.

D. X. Bible was born in Jefferson City, Tenn., 46 year ago, Biff Jones in Washington, D. C., five years later. Jones was captain of West Point eleven in 1917. Delta Kappa Epsilon Bible warmed the bench frequently as a football sub at Carson-Newman College. He supplemented his B. A. degree with graduate work at North Carolina, Ohio State, and Centre College. Before the war Bible had coached Mississippi College three years, Louisiana State one year. After the war Biff Jones rose from assistant coach at West Point to the head coachship (1926-26). Army regulations causing his transfer, he followed in D. X.'s footsteps at Louisiana State Whole he developed an undefeated eleven in 1933, ordered Hucy Long out of the dressing rooms between halves in 1934.

At Nebraska D. X. established a reputation as coach and soft-spoken gentleman with a habit of smacking his lips as he talked. Biff Jones has the gallantry of an Army officer of the old school, without its starched aloofness.

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