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Grantland Rice Sportlight Outrans Both "College Holiday" and "Sing Me A Love Song"


The top attraction on the University's current bill is a selected short subject. For interesting and continuous entertainment the Grantland Rice Sportlight now showing outranks either of the very ordinary feature pictures. The Ace card in Mr. Rice's latest hand, with Ted Husing dealing, is a pictorial record of one of the freakest of animal companionships, namely that of six otters, two dogs, and a raccoon. With cameramen lurking everywhere, their owner hunts, fishes, and plays with them for a very entertaining quarter-hour. This not one of Grantland Rice's run-of-the-mine features. His men went out of their way to get these pictures, and the result was undoubtedly worth the trouble.

There is good entertainment in the two features, but one must sit through several reels of crude comedy, mediocre songs, and half-baked acting before being allowed to enjoy it. The dancing of Johnny Downs and Eleanor Whitney in "College Holiday" is top-notch, as are the anties of electrician Ben Blue. "Sing Me A Love Song" presents James Melton, who really can sing, and Patricia Ellis, who really can't act. But as a kleptomaniac who must have even stolen his name, it being Seigfried Hammerschlagg, Hugh Herbert steals all the good sequences of this picture.

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