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With the opening of the second half year, plans for the second annual Harvard-Yale-Princeton Conferences on Public Affairs on the 26th and 27th of this month have almost reached completion. President Conant has agreed to speak at the banquet on Friday night and a total of 18 guests have already accepted definitely.


Three of the five round tables will be chairmanned by undergraduates from Harvard, and one table apiece will be the lot of Yale and Princeton. Undergraduate delegates will be divided equally with about 25 from each college. All those who have not done so already who wish to participate in the Conference should leave their names at the CRIMSON Building today or tomorrow. With the exception of Freshmen, for whom a special competition will be held, the invitation is open to any man in the University.


Funds for the Conference have eventually reached the $1000 mark set last spring and several promises from members of the graduate committee have yet to be collected. The list of those who have contributed follows:

Cash was received by the CRIMSON from the following:

Associated Harvard Clubs Frederick Ayer '11 Ralph Ballard Arthur A.Ballantine '04 Gaspar G. Bacon '08 John B. Bowditch Howard W. Brown '95 R.Ammi Carter Richard C. Curtis '16 James B. Conant '14 W. K. Castle Greenville Clark '03 Robert F. Duncan '12 Harvard Club of Boston Parmeley W. Herrick '04 Christian A. Herter 2d '15 J. Horton Ijams '06 Thomas S. Lamont '21 Robert Luce '82 William R. Peabody '95 Erank E. Parker, Jr. '18 Charles F. Bowley '04 Loverett Saltonstall '14 Charles M. Storey '11 John H. Sherburne '98 Henry Ware '93 Charles H. Warner, Jr. '20 Alexander Wheeler '10 Robert W. Williams '11 Eliot Wadsworth; '98 Maurice Wertheim '06 Orrin G. Wood '09 Richard Wigglesworth '12

Bibliography and Preparation

Inasmuch as experts in the several fields to be discussed and men of such prominence as Governer Winaut, head of the Social Security Board, and Secretary Morgenythan, have agreed to come up to Cambridge to talk with undergraduates of the three institutions, every effort will be made to have those who take part throughly familiar with the subject matter in the agents.


During the one or two nights when Yale and Princeton delegates will be in Cambridge. It is hoped that some of the Harvard conference will be willing to put up the Fil Tiger visitors in the Houses. Other guests are expected to stay with faculty members whoever possible or with local pictures who are attending the Conference.

A full list of those who have accepted will be printed tomorrow.

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