University Moves $1,000,000 to Dental School Treasury

Dean Miner Follows Endowment Drive in Report

As a starter in its drive for a $3,400,000 endowment and building fund, the Dental School benefited last year by the transfer of $1,000,000 from the University's general funds, Dean Leroy M. S. Miner announced in his annual report yesterday.

This money, the Stuart Wyeth bequest, headed a group of sums received totaling to one and a half million dollars. Other sources were: the Carnegie Corporation of New York, $350,000; the Markel Foundation of New York, $25,000; Mrs. George H. Monks, $25,000; the Carr Fund, $113,400; and gifts to $26,000.

Largest share of the ultimate goal when realized will go for the balancing of the current operating deficiency. Teachers' salaries, cooperative research work, building and equipment, and maintenance will draw the remainder.