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Defeated by an Eli team for the first time in racket history, Varsity squashmen bowed to Yale 6-3 as Freshmen were downed 3-2 on home courts last Saturday. Meanwhile First and Yardling matmen outgrappled and outlasted aggressive Tutts teams at Medford, 15 1-2 to 12 1-2 and 33 to 3 respectively.

The Squash Summary; Varsity:

Hollister (Y) defeated R. M. Dorson '37 (H), 3-1; Berry (Y) defeated A. W. Sulloway '38 (H), 3-1; J. C. Develin '38 (H) defeated Muir (Y), 3-1; Cookman (Y) defeated D. E. Burbank '37 (H), 3-2; G. B. Blake '39 (H) defeated Auchincloss (Y), 3-1; Culcroft (Y) defeated D. F. Keyes '37 (H), 3-1; Kerr (Y) defeated R. O. Easton '37 (H); 3-1; Bates (Y) defeated C. S. Oakman Jr. '38 (H), 3-2; H, De Kruif '38 (H) defeated Brooke (Y), 3-0.

Freshman: V. Freedley, Jr. '40 (H) defeated Stillman (Y), 3-2; K. D. Canavario '40 (H) defeated Waters (Y), 3-1; Harding (Y) defeated J. A. Rousmaniere '40 (H), 3-2; Bissell (Y) defeated C. F. Whiting, Jr. '40 (H), 3-2; Ferguson (Y) defeated W. L. Wood, Jr. '40 (H), 3-2.

The Wrestling Summaries:

Varsity; 118-pound class: Baker (T) defeated Ross (H) by default.

126-pound class: Ach (H) defeated Edwards (T) decision. Time-3 min., 5 sec.

135-pound class: Slate (T) defeated Lindenfelser (H) by decision, Time-3 min., 10 sec.

145-pound class: Cavin (H) defeated Sweeney (T) by decision. Time-8 min., 22 sec.

155-pound class: Woodman (H) and Stowart (T) wrestled to a draw in an overtime.

165-pound class: Meadows (T) defeated Plel (H) by decision. Time-2 min., 50 sec.

175-pound class: Harkness (H) defeated Orden (T) by decision. Time-8 min., 50 sec.

Unlimited class: Glendenning (H) threw Herman (T). Time 1 min., 35 sec.

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