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By what most observers believe to be the most significant act of legislation this year, virtual repeal of the Teachers' Oath Bill was enacted yesterday when, by the narrow vote of 111-102, the Massachusetts House of Representatives accepted the report of the Committee on Education which recommended that the raw be erased from the ledgers.

"Very gratifying", commented Arthur N. Holcombe '06, professor of Government, on hearing the report. "This will enhance the prestige of the Legislature." Holcombe is an enthusiastic member of the common front of university professors, led by President Conant, which presented the cause of the opposition at the public hearing two weeks ago.

According to those familiar with political trends at the Capitol, fate of the law which was passed under the Curley administration hung in the balance, until, after a heated debate, the results of the roll call were announced by the Speaker. Frequent allusions from the floor to ex-Representative Thomas A. Dorgan, sponsor of the Bill, who sat with drawn face, in the gallery, intensified the argument.

Most forceful speaker advocating repeal of the law in the House was Jackson Holtz of Boston, who answered fears of the proponents by declaring that "the cry of Communism was a hysteria whipped up by a newspaper publisher." Backing him up. Ralph V. Clampit echoed President Conant's stand by pointing out that the spirit of allegiance to the United States must be voluntary if we were to have patriotism at all.

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