Freshmen Sweep Five Championships in Mat Tournament, Gardiner Beats Cox in Heavies

By an almost unanimous vote, Johnnie Harkness was elected captain of next year's wrestling team by his seven other colleagues before the opening of the intramural tournament yesterday. Although he did not earn a title in the Intercollegiates last week, Harkness has just completed his second undefeated season in the 175-pound calss.

Yardlings Take Honors

In a burst of speed and skillful grappling, and displaying top form of the season, five members of the Freshman squad swept all but three titles in the University Wrestling Championships at the Indoor Athletic Building.

Undoubtedly the feature bout was a brilliant seesaw battle in the unlimited class in which Tudor Gardiner, undefeated Yardling, finally triumphed over Roderick H. Cox 1G by the meagre time advantage of 1:53. At different periods during the exhaustive match both came within a hair's breadth of pinning the other.

Phippen Surprises

Surprise of the afternoon came in the lightweight division when through a complete superiority of technique Hardy Phippen '39 overcame the advantage of Edward T. Barker '37 by pinning him in 3:16. Arthur W. Page, unbeaten Freshman of the 135-pound class, went down to defeat when Edwin C. Ihrig 3L won by a referee's decision in 3:39.

Other victors were William T. Hull '40 over Seymour J. Rubin 2L and Louis Daily '40 over Langdon W. Mead '39 in the 145 and 126-pound classes. Captain Pete Illman of the Yardling team, Bill Daughaday '40 and Edward L. Barnes '38 also won their bouts.