Pi Eta Selects Thirty as "On the Level" Patronesses

Athletes Among Chorus Girls In 1937 Show This Week

Names of 30 patronesses for the Pi Eta musical "On the Level" which will be produced Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as released yesterday by Richard R. Flood '39, show manager, number the following:

Miss F. M. Adams, Mrs. Jay R. Benton, Mrs. Thomas H. Bilodeau, Mrs. John Bowen, Mrs. W. H. Butler, Mrs. Howard T. Case, Mrs. Wilson D. Clark Jr., Mrs. Martin Evers, Mrs. James H. Flood, Mrs. Robert W. Palmer, Mrs. Richard V. Pedrick, Mrs. C. R. Porter, Mrs. Stanley B. Purdy, Mrs. C. O. Richardson, Mrs. Herbert Rogers, Mrs. M. L. Rogers, Mrs. Harry W. Russell, Mrs. Hollis L. Seavey, Mrs. Walter H. Sides, Mrs. S. G. Sleeper, Mrs. C. N. Smith, Mrs. Thomas K. Snyder, Mrs. Sidney St. F. Thaxter, Mrs. A. A. Thayer, Mrs. Richard M. Walsh, Mrs. Jules Wettlauter, Mrs. Parker W. Whittemore, Mrs. Arthur L. Woodman, Mrs. Ralph Woodworth.

Football players are prominent in the play's chorus. Among those dancing and singing are:

C. Russell Allen '38, William S. Baxter '37, John H. Benton '37, Thomas H. Bilodeau '37, John F. Bowen '39, Daniel E. Burbank, Jr. '37, Robert C. Downes '38, Leo A. Ecker '37, Edward T. Gignoux '37, Hunt S. Gruening '38, Joseph P. Kennedy '38, Arthur Oakes, 3rd, '38, Leslie R. Porter, Jr. '39, Robert E. Purdy '37, Charles O. Richardson '37, Mason T. Rogers, Jr. '37, John B. Stevens '38, Robert C. Stuart '38, Lorrin E. Woodman '38.

Featured in the musical score are three songs, "Lying in the Sun," "Memory Waltz," and "Swng in the New Rhythm.