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Lining Them Up



With a record of five wins and to losses behind them, the Crimson grapplers will certain tomorrow morning for New Heaven to take part in the climax meet of the season. Although the Master championship at Lehigh and the Nationals at Terre Haute, Indiana, are still ahead, this will be the last dual clash of the season for Pal Johnson's aggressive fighters.

With several top-notch men on the team who should go far at Lehigh and even at Terre Haute, there are also wide open gaps in Johnson's outfit and this meet with the Elis should be fairly close. Princeton and Navy are the top teams that have managed to topple the Crimson this season, but they both have plied up good records, and despite this pair of setbacks Harvard, in top form, should take Yale tomorrow.

Starting in the unlimited class will be Bill Glendinning, who has been undefeated in dual competition since he has been in college. Biggest feat so far for this crack wrestler occured curlier in the season when he came up against Charlie Tell, Princeton's massive all-American football player. Though he had a weight advantage of some 45 pounds, a height advantage of five inches, the huge Tiger is more brute strength than skill and agility, and the 1000 people who came to see the meet watched the Crimson lad win an exciting match in overtime, a match in which feeling run so high that for a moment the two grapplers forgot it was wrestling and not boxing that they were engaged in.

Glendinning's opponent tomorrow will be Eli Herbert Pickett, who has likewise pinned Toll to the mat in the current season. But last year Pickett, as a Freshman, lost to the Crimson's Chief Boston, and this year Strengold of Lehigh has taken his measure. It should be a close match but Pickett is not likely to be the man who will break, Glendinning's streak.

Another top notch Crimson wrestler is dependable 175 pounder Johnny Harkness, who halls from Milton Academy, has lost but one dual match in College and that to Penn State's great Ross Shaffer. As a Freshman he was the New England champion in his class, but he will have his hands full tomorrow when he faces Sophomore Clarke of the Elis, who last year toppled the Crimson Yardling leader, Cochran. Bill Goslin and Jerry Piel have been running neck and neck and for the 165 pound berth, and the latter, with three years of Varsity experience behind him, will probably get the call to face Yale's Woodman. Either one of them will have an uphill fight on their hands at New Haven.

Lorrin Woodman, a Senior, is having his first year as a Varsity grappier. He was captain of his Freshman team, and since that time illness or scholastic difficulties have kept him on the sidelines. In his 155 pound class he has lost a match to Powers of Princeton, but the Navy captain, Merryman, is among his victims, and he should go well against the Elis.

Next down the weight list is 146 pound Brooks Cavin, captain of the team, who should have little difficulty toppling Walker of Yale. This year the Crimson leader has only lost to Captain Don Tayler of Penn, third in the Easterns last season, and last year he lost only to Hull of Yale, and the Eli went on to a second place in the Championships while the Crimson leader was forced to look on from a hospital bed, an appendicitus victim.

At 135 pounds is Richard Lindenfelser, who has been forced to take his share of setbacks in this season. Louis Ach and Eddy Pettrenik are battling for the 126 pound berth, and the winner will have to face Mcknight Kinne, an Eli who has lost only to Eastern Champion Ashma of Leigh. Harvey Ross, a former Milton captain who piled up an undefeated record as a Freshman, will be in there in the 118 pound class against Mallin of Yale.

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