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With the likelihood of a stormy Assembly meeting arising from the possible appearance of a Spanish rebel delegation in its midst, the New England Model League of Nations will convene its tenth annual session at Harvard and Radcliffe on Friday and Saturday.

Whether or not the rebel delegation, if it appears on the scene, will be granted recognition is a matter of conjecture. At any rate, an atmosphere of excitement will prevail at the opening Assembly meeting as the result of a heated debate over the credentials of the Ethiopian and Spanish delegations.

This year a special committee has been appointed to examine the credentials of each delegation. The status of credentials will be considered from two angles: (1) whether or not the head of the state is still in a position to exercise his legal title effectively; and (2) whether or not the government from which the credentials emanate is the de jure as well as the de facto government.

Italy and Portugal Object

The Italian delegation, on the first score, will present a resolution urging rejection of credentials presented in behalf of Haile Selassie; while Portugal, under the second consideration, will oppose recognition of the Madrid government. The Ethiopian delegation, it is likely, will repeat its stunt of last year by appearing on the floor of the Assembly dressed in native costumes.

Because of a recent shift in delegations, Harvard will be limited to three countries, Poland, Honduras, and Latvia. The final list of Harvard delegates is as follows:

Poland: Edward Gignoux '37, chairman; Louis LeF. Sutro '38; Gardner N. Stratton '39; Thomas J. Darcey, Jr. '37; Mario C. Galassi '38, and George F. Halla '38.

Honduras: Louis K. Benjamin '39, chairman; Lawrence F. Ebb '39; John C. Wahlke '39; George F. Bogardus '39; John I. Mahler '40; and James Tobin '39.

Latvia: John S. Stillman '40; chairman; Graham B. Blaine, Jr. '40; John W. Myers, Jr. '40; Frank S. Streeter '40; William R. Frye '40; and Stuart M. Wyeth '38.

A unique feature on this year's program will be the dramatization of a ses- sion of the International Labor Conference on Saturday morning. For the sake of expediency the participating countries have been limited to those representing certain definite types of labor conditions. The particular problem of the Conference will be child labor legislation.

An additional attraction this year will be a voluntary round table conference Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon on the subject. "Why the League has not worked in the sphere of international politics.

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