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"Harvard's Varsity lacrosse team will open its home season on Monday on the field behind the Business School when it meets the Boston Lacrosse Club at 2 o'clock. Admission to the game will be free." So says the official A.A. release.

Now Lacrosse at Harvard belongs to that group of minor sports which you are likely to think of when you hear the words "straitened budget", "program in danger." It's a sport they don't write very much about in the papers and one that very few people pay to see played. But if a sport be judged by the enthusiasm of those taking part, lacrosse rates very high among the minors.

In fact at first sight enthusiasm, fire, or whatever they call the ingredients vital to successful participation in this modern Armageddon, seems to be all there is to the game. But that's not so, there's a lot of science that goes along with the readiness to battle. And that can be proved by the team's Southern vacation trip.

First on that trip the team overwhelmed Penn State. Then it played Maryland, breeder of all-Americans, and lost and then Navy and was shellacked. They didn't expect to beat Maryland, but the shouldn't have gone to places against the Navy. Answer lies simply in the fact that the Harvard team played a zone defence in that game for the first time, with a result comparable to what often happens in such cases.

Defense is one of Coach Skip Stanley's chief problems; right now he is alternating his new zone defence with the old man to man style of play. On the offense he is striving for more speed and scientific aggressiveness. Observers are predicting "more punch" for the 1937 edition of the first baseman's ball tossers. And there are a lot of good players.

Number one man on the team is its captain and coverpoint. John Witherspoon is considered one of the foremost players in college ranks, a year ago he was named on the second All-American team. Other start are Jim Wood, fast man at out home. Known also for his soccer playing abilities in the fall, Wooded was unable, due to a thesis, to take the vacation trip, which trip brought George Cushman, second defenseman, into the limelight, when he came through with six goals to take high-scoring honors Joe Magurn at first defense, Henry Riecken in goal, Tom Champion at center, Jerry Hunsaker at first attack, Charley Hammond at inhome; these are some of the other regulars Skip is counting on.

"The game", continued the A.A. release meaning Monday's "will be the first of three which Harvard will play next week. The Crimson will also meet Tufts at Medford on Wednesday and will play Dartmouth on Saturday in what should be one of the outstanding college games of the New England season."

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