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Last night's abortive riot of the Freshmen in the Yard was a completely dismal failure, and seems to be a good example of the degeneracy which has set in among the younger generation. In past years the clarion call of "Rheinhardt" was enough to set the manly, virile blood of our predecessors in motion, and spur all good Harvard men into action. But times have changed, and past generations of men are being supplanted by a third rate lot of "wee cowering timorous beasties."

Although Spring has not yet arrived in her full bloom and freshness, and it is still a bit chilly to stage a first-class riot, it may be safely said that the strength-sapping improvements of our modern mechanized civilization have rendered the Class of 1940 effete and sissified. Radcliffe, now freed from the menace of an annual mob invasion, has become contemptuous of the Harvard man's ability to set out on masse for Garden Street and show that he is capable of accomplishing great things.

Yardlings, the stigma of weakness is upon you! It is up to you to show the powers that be that you are not a craven, crawling, spinc less, lot and that true to Harvard tradition you can riot with the best of them Are you Men or Mice?

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