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After a week of inclement weather, the Varsity tennis team will take the Divinity courts at 3 o'clock today against the Princeton outfit. Although the Beaselymen drubbed the Crimson last year, they do not appear so powerful this year, having failed to get into the win column so far this year.

Dorson Top Singles Man

Dick Dorson will as usual be at the number 1 singles position for Jack Barnaby's racquetmen. George Lowman and Hubert Hauck will play numbers 2 and 3 respectively, while Captain Jim Fuld holds down the fourth position.

The last two singles men are, in order, Alvah Sulloway and Elwood Henneman. The doubles positions are made up of the Lowman-Hauck team at number 1 and the Dorson-Fuld combination at 2. In the Miami match Adrian Malone and Art Brown, only Sophomore on the team, paired for the number 3 doubles match and are likely to perform again today.

Where's Frankie

The Princeton netmen boast two singles players of no mean racquet-wielding ability in Sophomore Bill Winslow at number 1 and Captain Bill Rawls at number 2. The latter is the Senior, who in his Freshman year was termed "Parker's doubles partner" by Coach Beasely. Unfortunately he never played beside the national ace, because, as the "Princetonian" puts it, "Sadly enough, Frankie never got here."

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