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To the Editors of the Crimson:

In the light of the Crimson editorial of May 17, the Executive Committee of the Council of Economics Concentrators would like to clear up whatever confusion may exist concerning the aims and purposes of the organization.

The Council has already stated that its objectives like those of the Council of Government Concentrators are the promotion of more effective contact between students and faculty, the organization of informal discussion groups, the reflection of student opinion, and the offering of advice to students. In pursuance of these objectives the Council plans to hold a meeting at the beginning of the next school year at which instructors in Economics will give detailed information concerning courses and course work. Further meetings will be held at which noted economists will speak, faculty members will join students in informal discussion, and students will be given opportunity to voice criticism and suggestion.

In all these activities the Council wishes to make clear that its sole aim is to help economics students with material that concerns them as students, not to present any partisan political views whatsoever. The Council hopes to be a market place for opinions but no purveyor of opinions itself.

For the Committee: Daniel E. Feller,   Chairman   James Tobin   Secretary

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