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To the editor of the Crimson:

There has been considerable sportsmanlike interest of late in sending a Harvard ambulance to the Spanish Loyalists. There has also been the usual talk of Harvard Reds and graft. I should like to add to the talk, but in a different vein.

I believe that Fascism is wrong. I believe that the ideals of the Loyalists are of a type which is better for the welfare of mankind. But there is better for the welfare of mankind. But there vard ambulance....

I think it is time that people be brought to see that giving material aid to either side in a war is NOT a question of helping the weak, or righting the wrong, or being humanitarian and sending ambulances. It is a question of sanctioning the participation in the war of commercial and industrial interests which will in time (it took form 1914-1917 last time) invest so much capital that we, the citizens, will have to go to win the war to save it....

Think beyond sportsmanship, Harvard men, unless your ambulance will carry the wounded for BOTH sides. Eugene C. Worman '37.

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